Webinars & Videos

MAISRC provides a variety of aquatic invasive species video content. You will find some of our most recent and favorite videos below. However, we have many more available for you on our YouTube channel!


Low-dose copper for zebra mussel suppression webinar

Hear from researchers Dr. Diane Waller of the USGS and MAISRC Graduate Fellow, Angelique Dahlberg as they share their research and findings on zebra mussel suppression in Lake Minnetonka.

AIS Explorer Webinar

MAISRC Director and Research Fellow, Dr. Nicholas Phelps gives a project update and walk through of the innovative online dashboard for AIS surveillance. 

Lines snag spines webinar

Drs. Donn Branstrator and Valerie Brady walk through their project seeking to understand which equipment poses the highest risk for spreading spiny water fleas to new lakes. 

Recreationists' willingness to pay for AIS management webinar

MAISRC Research Fellow, Dr. Lucia Levers breaks down survey responses from the public to see if recreational water users would be willing to pay a fee for AIS management activities. 


What's in your bucket webinar

Could the minnows in your bait bucket be putting the lakes you love at risk for a pathogen outbreak? MAISRC Graduate Fellow, Meg McEachran discusses her research.


Project Introduction Videos (get familiar with some of MAISRC's newest projects)

Can we use viruses to control invasive common carp? This research is finding out. Learn more about this innovative work on the project website
AIS Detectors play a critical role in improving Minnesota’s capacity to detect, respond to, educate about, and manage aquatic invasive species.
Starry stonewort is Minnesota's newest aquatic invader. Hear from MAISRC researchers about what's known, what's unknown, and what we're doing about it in this video. Learn more on the project website
What happens to walleye when zebra mussels or spiny water fleas invade? This research is finding out. Learn more on the project website
How do spiny water flea stick to different types of angling gear? This research project is finding out, so we can tell anglers which gear they need to clean the most. Learn more on the project website.
Are recreational water users in Minnesota willing to pay a daily access fee that would be applied toward aquatic invasive species management at the lake that they use? Our researchers conducted in-person surveys at four Minnesota lakes in 2019 to find out. Learn more on the project website.


Researchers at the Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species Research Center are working on a novel method for controlling invasive common carp by introducing a synthetic species-like barrier to reproduction. Learn more on the project website.


2020 MAISRC Research and Management Showcase Recordings

Last year, MAISRC moved our Showcase to an online format for the first time. Despite being an untraditional format for our annual event, we were thrilled at being able to connect over 300 virtual attendees with researchers. All presentations were recorded can be viewed for free on our YouTube channel