AIS Detectors: group workshops

Group workshops are intended for county AIS coordinators, lake association leadership, or anyone who wants to support a larger number of people becoming AIS Detectors. Rather than trying to find spaces in one of the existing AIS Detectors workshop offerings, we can bring the workshop to you! In a group workshop, you will work with AIS Detectors program staff to choose a workshop date and location that best suits the needs of your audience. Workshops can accommodate up to 25 participants and can include content for community members, AIS professionals, or a mixture of the two depending on your needs. All participants in a group workshop will have access to the online course, as well as your designated in-person workshop. If you are interested in a group workshop, please contact [email protected] for more information. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the maximum number of people per workshop?

The workshops can accommodate registration for up to 25 participants. There is no minimum number of people required to register in order to host a group workshop.

Who can host a group workshop?

Anyone within Minnesota can choose to host a group workshop. This option tends to be best suited for lake associations, counties, SWCDs, or other organizations looking to send many members, staff, or volunteers through the AIS Detectors Core Course at the same time. This process is a great way to increase institutional knowledge and create a local cohort of AIS Detectors.

How much does a group workshop cost?

The program fee for a group workshop is $3,000. This will include all course materials and instruction. For comparison, if you were to individually sponsor 25 individuals, the registration costs would be $4,875. We typically estimate financial savings for host organizations to begin at 15-17 attendees, depending on the cost of lunch and facilities.

As host, you may charge registration fees to your participants if you would like to defray some of the costs, though this is certainly not required. If you charge registration fees, note that they cannot exceed $195 per person (the cost we charge for individual registration for the AIS Detectors Core Course) and you will be responsible for collecting any registration fees, administering registration, and ensure that required contact and registration information for all participants be delivered to the AIS Detectors instructors in a timely manner. 

What is provided at a group workshop?

The AIS Detectors program will provide access to the AIS Detectors online course and a designated in-person workshop for up to 25 participants. As the host, you have control over who fills the workshop. All participants will receive the same materials and handouts as are provided to regular workshop participants including: an AIS Identification Guidebook, digital access to the online course training companion, and a loupe. Community members that attend a group workshop will receive a completion certificate and nametag following successful completion of the workshop. The AIS Detectors program will also provide coffee, bottled water, and snacks for all participants during the workshop. You can contact us at [email protected] to preview a template program agreement. 

As a host, what would I need to provide?

Group workshop hosts are required to provide lunch for all attendees and instructors that accommodates reasonable dietary accommodations (e.g., vegetarian or gluten-free options) and an adequate venue for the workshop. Two rooms are required for AIS Detectors workshops and they must meet the following needs: 

Room 1 Requirements

  • Classroom style seating for 30 (tables + chairs)
  • Additional 6 tables with standing room around each for identification activity
  • Wi-Fi
  • Availability from 7:30am-6:00pm (may be shifted with approval from AIS Detectors program instructors to accommodate alternate start times)
  • Projector, screen, & audio capabilities are preferred, however these can all be provided by the instructors if needed

Room 2 Requirements

  • Standing room around tables in rows or conference circle arrangement for all participants
  • Availability from 12:00pm-6:00pm (may be shifted with approval from AIS Detectors program instructors to accommodate alternate start times)

You can contact us at [email protected] to preview a template program agreement.

Can the course content be customized?

The AIS Detectors Core Course is offered using a set curriculum and there are very limited areas that allow for customization. If you would like to focus on specific aspects of the course content, please let the instructors know when you are finalizing the details of your workshop. We may not be able to accommodate all requests, but we will discuss options with you and clearly communicate what can work with our set curriculum prior to executing the program agreement for your group session.