Become a MAISRC Researcher

There are two ways to become affiliated with MAISRC as a researcher. One is by receiving funding through MAISRC, and the other is by gaining partnership status on a project that's funded from other sources. 

Receiving Funding From MAISRC

MAISRC has a competitive RFP process for research studies to advance the control, prevention, and early detection of AIS in Minnesota. Proposals are invited from investigators at any Minnesota-based academic or governmental research institution. The funding period for the next MAISRC RFP is January 2022 through December 2023.

Partnership Projects

Partnership projects are funded by sources outside of MAISRC and do not need to, but are strongly encouraged to be focused on research priorities. MAISRC has a partnership project approval process which includes the researcher discussing the proposal with the Director, an informal review by the MAISRC Fellows Group, and proposal routing. View the full partnership project approval process.

Benefits and Expectations

Perks are available to MAISRC Fellows and MAISRC Grad Fellows in good standing, meaning fulfilment of corresponding expectations. Status is reviewed on an annual basis. MAISRC Fellows include PhD level researchers; Grad Fellows include graduate students working on a MAISRC project.

BENEFITS MAISRC Project (MAISRC funding) Partnership Project (outside funding)
Carry titles of MAISRC Fellow or Grad Fellow, if in good standing X X
Finance and reporting assistance X  
Communications, media, and outreach assistance X X
Professional development opportunities X X
Eligibility for communications fellowship program for grad students X X
Opportunities to present research to diverse audiences (e.g Research and Management Showcase) X X
Preferred access to equipment (truck, boats, computers, etc.) X  
Access to equipment (truck, boats, motors, computers, etc.) X X
Preferred access to MAISRC Containment Lab X  
Access to MAISRC Containment Lab X X
Eligible for office space for project staff (postdoc, grad student, etc.) X X
Eligible for funding for conference travel (students, postdocs) X X
Eligible for publication funding, including open access fees X X
Eligible for MAISRC mini-grant program for rapid response and pilot research X X
Faculty and research team page on MAISRC website X X
Project page on MAISRC website X X
Promotion of research in MAISRC newsletter, social media, and with UMN communications channels X X
Eligible for letter of support for proposed research and external funding   X
Assist with setting MAISRC research priorities X X


EXPECTATIONS MAISRC Project (MAISRC funding) Partnership Project (outside funding)
Meet all expectations of MAISRC research projects (see policy) X  
At least one PI or Co-PI must be a MAISRC Fellow in good standing X X
Acknowledgment of MAISRC in presentations and publications X X
Coordination with MAISRC on media efforts, communications, and outreach X X
Attend six Center Fellows Group meetings per year (Fellows) X X
Attend monthly Grad Fellows meetings (grad students) X X
Attend annual All MAISRC meeting X X
Oral presentation at annual Research and Management Showcase X  
Poster presentation at annual Research and Management Showcase   X
Present an AIS Detectors webinar during course of project X  
Provide presentation to the MN DNR invasive species unit during course of project X  
Service on MAISRC committees, as needed X X
Submission of data to a public database (e.g. MAISRC DRUM) within two years of project completion X X
Contribute shared ICR (12.5% of total ICR)   X


MAISRC Fellows who do not meet the expectations outlined above, will receive notification from MAISRC that they are no longer in good standing and may lose access to the resources and opportunities outlined in the benefits section of this document. If you have questions or concerns about your standing, please contact Cori Mattke ([email protected]).