About the AIS Detectors Program

Spiny water flea

The AIS Detectors Program at the University of Minnesota is jointly supported by the Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species Research Center and University of Minnesota Extension, with initial funding from the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund and ongoing support from the state of Minnesota. The Program aims to help protect Minnesota’s life at the lake by empowering community members through its volunteer programs, events, workshops, and other educational offerings. 


Become an AIS Detector

Learn how to report invasive species, best practices to prevent AIS spread, relevant rules and regulations, and more!

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AIS ID Guidebook

Is that a native mussel or zebra mussel, northern watermilfoil or Eurasian watermilfoil? Purchase your own waterproof ID guidebook to find out.

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AIS Detectors Webinars

Hear updates on MAISRC projects straight from the researchers themselves. All webinars are recorded and available after their live debut:

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