Managing Water Quality and Invasive Macrophytes to Promote Healthy Native Aquatic Plant Communities

This study includes field data collection and analysis, to look for general relationships between lake water quality and native/invasive plant response, and to help calibrate the lake water quality models, which will be used to more closely tie water quality to native/invasive plant growth and climate variability, and assess how aquatic plants tie into lake water quality management strategies such as alum treatments.

 Surveys and interviews of lake management groups will assess current lake water quality and invasive species management strategies, including their level of success and costs. The surveys and interviews will also help determine which management strategies to focus on in the lake modeling task. This combination of approaches and analyses will provide an integrated and comprehensive examination of issues associated with managing invasive and native aquatic plants in conjunction with water quality improvements.

Project manager: Ray Newman

Funded by: USGS

Project start date: 2021

Project end date: 2024