Stop spiny campaign resources

Swedish dishcloths

As part of the Stop Spiny campaign, we developed a design that can be printed on cloths to remind boaters and anglers to wipe down their equipment before leaving a spiny water flea-infested lake. MAISRC printed a large number of cloths in the fall of 2020. If you are interested in distributing the cloths to anglers near you, or through your lakeshore association, etc., please send a request to Meg Duhr, MAISRC Outreach Specialist at [email protected]. You are welcome to print and use all designs linked on this page at no cost, but we ask you leave MAISRC's logo on all materials. 


Spiny water flea factsheets

  • General factsheet with information on the origin, lifecycle, and spread of spiny water fleas — Download the PDF
  • Factsheet on walleye growth decreases after spiny water flea and zebra mussel invasions — Download the PDF
  • Overview on spiny water fleas appearance, lookalikes, invasion history, impacts to Minnesota lakes, and research topics — Download the PDF

BWCAW flyer

A short flyer with information on the importance of keeping spiny water fleas out of the BWCAW. This flyer also has a space at the bottom for you to add local information. 


Radio Scripts

Additional graphics (click for larger view)

Stop Spiny image 8x10" with customizable bottom for local information.
A spiny water flea sits on the finger tip of a researcher. 
Drain water from boats to prevent the spread of spiny water fleas. 
Drain water from boats to prevent the spread of spiny water fleas. 
Wipe down fishing line. 
Wipe down fishing line. 
Wipe livewells and bait buckets.
Stop the spread of spiny water fleas.