Characterizing starry stonewort phenology, growth conditions, and impacts to guide management

Starry stonewort was first reported in Minnesota in 2015, and there are many critical knowledge gaps related to the biology, ecology, and impacts of starry stonewort that need to be addressed in order to support science-based management.

The goals of this research include learning more about:

  • The impacts of starry stonewort on native plant communities
  • What environmental conditions are associated with nuisance growth of starry stonewort
  • The seasonal growth cycles and patterns of starry stonewort

A clear understanding of starry stonewort’s negative impacts are critical for prioritizing management efforts. And establishing what conditions are driving nuisance growth of starry stonewort will help predict impacts and identify where management responses are likely to require greater effort.

Knowing how habitat characteristics, water chemistry, and sediment properties influence starry stonewort growth is critical for informing treatment strategies. Learning more about the phenology of this species can also help identify key points in its life cycle that can be capitalized on for control.

Project manager: Dan Larkin

Funded by: Minnesota DNR and Great Lakes Restoration Initiative 

Project start date: 2017

Estimated project end date: 2019

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