Maddie Hayden

Maddie Hayden
Research Outreach Specialist
Skok Hall

2003 Upper Buford Circle
St Paul, MN 55108
United States


Madeline (Maddie) Hayden is the Research Outreach Specialist for the Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species Research Center. Maddie serves as the bridge between MAISRC research and our stakeholders. She connects individuals and groups to ongoing research to support the development of evidence-based management for local AIS issues. Additionally, she provides support for outreach and research translation initiatives for ingoing projects. Prior to joining MAISRC, Maddie studied freshwater mussels and river ecology for over 12 years. Spearheading the freshwater mussel propagation program with the MN DNR, she successfully established an aquaculture facility to rear multiple federally endangered mussel species in Lake City, MN.