WEBINAR: Can small-scale hybrid cattail removal improve fish habitat?

WEBINAR: Can small-scale hybrid cattail removal improve fish habitat?
Jan 27, 2022, 1-2 PM


It's time for the next in our free, aquatic invasive species webinar series! On January 27th, we're welcoming Dr. Amy Schrank to talk her work looking for ways to improve fish habitat in areas dominated by invasive hybrid cattail. Registration is required.

About this webinar: Join us to learn why cattails are so abundant on Minnesota shorelines and how they impact our lakes. Through our research, we hope to learn whether small-scale removal of hybrid cattail can increase water quality and plant diversity and benefit lake fish communities.

Event Speaker

About our speaker: Amy Schrank is a Fisheries and Aquaculture Extension Educator with University of Minnesota Sea Grant and an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Biology at the University of Minnesota. Her outreach work involves collaborating with fisheries and aquaculture researchers and stakeholders around Minnesota to provide research support and a bridge to communicate technical information to stakeholders, managers, and the public. Her current research interests include understanding the effects of dam removal on stream fishes and what impact invasive, hybrid cattail has on fish communities in Minnesota lakes.