2021 MAISRC Research and Management Showcase

Thank you to everyone who attended this year's online Showcase!

Recorded talks are available to Showcase attendees. Please check your email for an access link. 

This year's line-up will have you pondering eDNA monitoring and genetic biocontrol as the AIS surveillance and management tools of the future. We also have some project updates you won't want to miss! The research team studying low-dose copper for zebra mussel suppression was at Pelican Lake this year. Find out what they were working on and what's next. Also new this year, we will be hosting a common carp management panel with four of our researchers. How can we integrate and build off of their research to protect and restore Minnesota's beloved waters? Join us to find out.

About the event:

  • All sessions will be live streamed. All sessions (with the exception of the poster sessions) will be recorded.
  • Recorded talks will be uploaded to the MAISRC YouTube channel and made available to Showcase attendees after the event. 
  • At the end of each session there will be time for live Q&A with the presenting researcher(s).
  • Sessions are concurrent - there will be five sessions to choose from per time slot. (Remember, talks are being recorded, so you will be able to view all session later!)
  • All sessions (with the exception of the Common Carp Panel and New Projects Lighting Talk) are on the agenda twice - giving you two opportunities to catch the talk live and ask questions.