Sound waves may keep invasive carp from moving north

May 31, 2016

Hear that? It's a new weapon in the war against invasive carp.

University of Minnesota researcher Peter Sorensen is testing his theory along the Mississippi River at Lock and Dam Number 8 near LaCrosse, Wisconsin.

It's here where you might not hear much. But underwater speakers are blasting with the sounds of boat engines.

"We believe sound played into the water can keep carp out of the lock structure," said Sorensen.

Sorensen is also using the dam to help keep invasive carp from traveling north. Lockmaster Jane Mathison says the goal is to control the speed of the water through each gate, keeping it fast enough so that the carp can't swim against it.

Sorensen says he hopes his research and techniques can be useful in other states dealing with invasive carp.