Matthew Barbor

Graduate Fellow
Dr. Diane Waller


Matthew Barbour works on the development of dreissenid mussel control and management tools including identification of candidate toxicants, application techniques and procedures, and non-target impacts. He also works with the Invasive Mussel Collaborative to develop and recommend standardized toxicant testing protocols for inter- and intra- laboratory comparisons of results. Matt is concurrently pursuing a M.S. in Biology with Aquatic Science emphasis at the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse, anticipating to graduate in 2021. His thesis research developed GIS-based, remote-assessment tool for the rapid estimation of organic carbon stocks and burial rates in freshwater impoundment sediments. His personal hobbies are fishing, hunting, and just about anything outdoors when he is not chasing around his three small children.

Areas of Interest

Zebra mussels